SUMMER RAMEN MENU! Earn a $10 Gift Voucher


It may be HOT out there, but it’s COOL in here!

We have ramen for every season. We set up a pre-fixed menu. Your choice of our newest cold ramen, a refreshing beverage, and dessert (mochi ice cream).

Participate in our summer ramen special and earn a $10 Ramen Yamadaya gift voucher. Please keep in mind gift vouchers cannot be used the same day, and there is a $40 limit in order to use the voucher.

Summer ramen and special only available at our Torrance, Culver City, and Costa Mesa locations.

Please visit your nearest Ramen Yamadaya to participate!


Kids Menu Fortune Teller


We’re bringing back paper fortune tellers, but with a twist…as a Kids Menu! A fun and entertaining way to reveal what kids would love to eat at Ramen Yamadaya.

Instructions on how to play will be available at the video down below.

Please ask your server for a separate Kids Menu to give it a try. Kids Menu only available at our Torrance, Culver City, and Costa Mesa store.

Please share your experience with us on our Facebook Page or Instagram @YAMADAYARAMEN to be featured.



Want a chance to win a $10 gift card from Ramen Yamadaya? 🍜

Instagram Rules:
1. Must follow us on Instagram @yamadayaramen
2.Use this hashtag: #EATRAMENYAMADAYA (profile must be public for us to see)
3. IF you have a Facebook, you can enter twice. Check on our website to find your local FB Ramen Yamadaya page

Facebook Rules:
1. Must "Like👍" us on any of our Facebook pages
2. Use this hashtag: #EATRAMENYAMADAYA (profile must be public for us to see)
3. If you have an Instagram, you can enter twice as well

Winner will be chosen on 1st of every month and will be privately messaged with further details
Gift card is accessible for all of our locations:
Torrance l Culver City l Costa Mesa l San Francisco

If you have any questions, feel free to email Good luck! 🍀



You’ve probably seen the spicy ramen challenge around the internet, but have you tried our rendition? We turned up the heat to a whopping spicy level 12! This is spicy…Don’t say we didn’t warn you! If you think you’re up for the challenge…Now introducing Ramen Yamadaya's Spicy Noodle Challenge in 2 stores (Culver City, CA and Costa Mesa, CA).

-Must be 18 years or older
-Must finish an entire bowl (yes, including the broth) of our LEVEL 12 spicy ramen 😯
-Must finish in 20 min. or less (we'll have a timer set to keep track of time)

WINNERS win a free custom Ramen Yamadaya t-shirt & a 25% off discount on your next order when you spend +$20

Contest is only available in our Costa Mesa, CA and Culver City, CA location



Record your reaction through video or photo and make sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram @yamadayaramen!

Spicy Ramen Challenge in Westwood


You think you're up for the challenge? Now introducing Ramen Yamadaya's Spicy Noodle Challenge in our Westwood, CA location. Learn more about our challenge's rules and regulations. Don't forget to share your experience by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram @YamadayaRamen.