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Ramen YAMADAYA opened on July, 2010 in Torrance, California. Our Specialty is Tonkotsu broth ramen noodle. The rich flavored soup is cooked with pork bones after more than 20 hours of boiling. For the first 10 hours, the cauldron is boiled with the strong fire to break bones into flakes. Then, it is simmered for another 10 hours to extract the genuine pork bone broth. This process makes the soup rich and tasty. You will feel the deepness of our Tonkotsu broth after a sip of it.

Our Tonkotsu Ramen is cooked with pork bone. Our pork bone broth takes more time to produce, compared to chicken broth, which can be prepared in around 4 hours or more. Pork bone broth needs at least 8 hours and Yamadaya spends 20 hours boiling it to get the greatest amount of flavor possible. The fire of our stoves, are at the highest temperatures to extract all the flavor and aroma from the pork bone. We must be careful not to burn or overcook it, constantly watching the broth carefully and mixing it at a regular consistency.

Our specialty is 20 hours Tonkotsu broth ramen. “Tonkotsu Ramen” is the salt base with the classic Kyushu style. “Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen” is the soy sauce base with Tokyo/Yokohama style, although some stores serve only thin noodle.

We have other ramen options for you who prefer chicken or vegetables. “Premium Ramen” made of chicken and anchovy has clear and delicate broth. “Vegan Ramen” is tasty and flavorful with vegetables, miso and sesame.


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Spicy Ramen Challenge in Culver City

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